ACTION Movies and Tvshows - Page 338

The Death Collector (1976)

IMDb: 5.7

Neighborhood kid goes to work for the Mafia as a debt collector

Mag Wheels (1978)

IMDb: 4.7

Cool van driving stud Steve gets the hots for Anita, whos the new girl in town However, this doesnt go over well with Steves bitchy and jealous girlfriend Donna, who sets Steve up by telling the cops that hes a cocaine dealer D

Camille Vol 1 (2021)

IMDb: 1.8

A world filled with chaos and terror, consumes the lives of everyone in this Louisiana city

When They Cry: Reshuffle (2009)

IMDb: 5.4

A young girls troubles bring fear and madness to her entire village

Hot Streets (20162019)

IMDb: 5.6

Follow the the supernatural investigations of an FBI agent, his partner, his niece, and her dog

Bearry (2021)


In order to cheer up recently divorced Chloe, her friend, Sam gives her a giant teddy bear, Bearry As Chloe confides her wishes to Bearry, people close to her go missing or die Is Chloe a murderer, is it her stalker or is it Bearr

Thunderbird 6 (1968)

IMDb: 6.3

Those world famous electronic puppets The International Rescue Team are back with excitement, mystery and thrills ahead after they are faced with a plot to steal their fabulous fleet of rescue planes

Kyo kara ore wa! (2020)

IMDb: 6.2

Three years after the event of the series, Takashi Mitsuhashi and Shinji Ito face the new enemies

River of No Return (1954)

IMDb: 6.6

The titular river unites a farmer recently released from prison, his young son, and an ambitious saloon singer In order to survive, each must be purged of anger, and each must learn to understand and care for the others

Relentless 3 (1993)

IMDb: 5.2

Sam Dietz, the relentless police detective, returns to Los Angeles from a self imposed exile to help the police solve another series of brutal killings committed by another crafty serial killer who targets Dietzs latest love interest

Bright: Samurai Soul (2021)


Izo, a Ronin, and Raiden, an orc, work to bring a young elf girl and the wand she carries to the land of the elves in the north

New York Ninja (2021)


A sound technician for a news station John Liu becomes a vigilante ninja in New York City after his pregnant wife is murdered

Hong yi leng xue jin mian ren (1977)

IMDb: 5.2

Life takes a turn for Chi Kwan Chun after he accepts a contract from the mysterious Golden Mask The mark turns out to be Chis brother and after unwittingly fulfilling the contract, Chi gets caught up in a plot to kill the maste

Tarzan, the Ape Man (1959)

IMDb: 3.9

An English colonels daughter meets the lord of the jungle who makes her his mate

Immortal Combat (1994)

IMDb: 4.8

Rowdy Roddy Piper and Sonny Chiba battle an army of immortal ninja warriors

Peacemaker (1990)

IMDb: 5.3

A doctor Shepard gets caught up in a war between two aliens Edwards, Forster

Hangup (1974)

IMDb: 5.6

A rookie cop on the undercover narcotic squad falls for the junkie who can help him nab a ruthless pusherkiller

Criminal Affairs (1997)

IMDb: 4.7

An escaped convict takes a couple hostage

Idol Is Dead (2012)

IMDb: 6.1

Once, Rui has aimed at a singer However, now, she was frustrated and was doing the hostesss work in the country When Rui goes home together with a friends Tsunko, She met Momoko, the rival at the time of her having aimed as a sin

A Day of Judgment (1981)

IMDb: 3.7

In the 1920s, a man in black rides into a small Southern town to visit retribution upon the citizens who have strayed from the path of righteousness and religion He does this, of course, by killing them in various bloody ways

Pedicab Driver (1989)

IMDb: 7.5

Lo Tung and his friend Malted Candy, pedicab drivers working the streets of Macao, have both fallen in love The problem is that both their objects of affection one a baker, the other a prostitute are working under cruel and lech

Ignatius of Loyola (2016)

IMDb: 5.9

If you could hear the voice of God, would you want to keep it secret A historical drama based on the memoirs of St Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order This is the story of a soldier, a man of vice and violence who, i

Fortress of Amerikkka (1989)

IMDb: 3.9

Story of a criminal rebel planing revenge against corrupted sheriff and crazy general, who is controlling secret militia called Fortress of Amerikkka

Pride Jewel (2021)


A father and son arrive to San Francisco Bay Area after an earthquake leveled their small town in Armenia At odds over his fathers complicated infidelity, Andre, angry and bitter, quickly gets involved with a group of violent je

Dhaakad (2022)


Agent Agni, a highly trained and deadly field agent is entrusted with the mission to gather Intel and eliminate Rudraveer, an international human and arms trafficker who has been off the radar for ten years

Shoot to Kill (1988)

IMDb: 6.8

An F B I Agent teams up with a tracker to pursue a murderer after he vanishes into the mountains and infiltrates a hiking group

Detection of Di Renjie (2020)

IMDb: 5.0

In Empress Wus reign, there are several bizarre deaths in the capital city of Changan The rumors of the Martyrs Shrines Flying Goddess Mural murder case are getting worse Di Renjie is ordered to investigate the case He cra

Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (1946)

IMDb: 6.1

As a spate of leopard attacks causes panic, a sceptical Tarzan joins a hunting expedition, only to face a pagan cult of Leopard God worshippers and their fiendish High Priestess Can he escape the sharp claws of the savage Leopard

The Russian Godfather (1996)


A bungled bank robbery puts two cops one Russian and one American on the trail of the Russian Mafia crime family operating out of L A The Russian police officer, an elite agent from Moscow, has been tracking these gangsters since

Ambushed (1998)

IMDb: 5.8

A KKK leader is gunned down His 12 y o son isnt spotted When 4 cops drive the son to a safe house, theyre ambushed Only the racist boy and a black cop get away Hes suspected of the killings so theyre on the run

Razza violenta (1984)

IMDb: 4.1

Mike Martin is an ex CIA agent who goes on a final mission to Thailand to expose a group of KGB infiltrators in the area

The Baron (1977)

IMDb: 5.4

Black actor tries to make his own movie with an all black cast, but to make it hes forced to borrow money from the Mafia Complications ensue

Duffy of San Quentin (1954)

IMDb: 6.9

A group of prisoners are planning an escape They take hostages Warden Duffy tries to convince one of the inmates that their plight is useless, and to give up

Bring Him Back Dead (2022)


A violent gang of criminals is ordered, after a botched heist, to track down and eliminate the man who betrayed them and ran off with their loot Daniels plays the anti hero, while Mandylor plays the leader of the gang and Baldw

Kung Fu Ghost (2022)


Daisy inherits a spooky old estate from her late grandfather, a martial arts master whom she never met When she shows up on the property, she soon discovers the house is haunted by her grandfathers spirit and the ghost of a myst

The Best of the Martial Arts Films (1990

IMDb: 7.2

A review about martial arts films as well as some of its biggest movie stars