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Gypsy Eyes (1992)

IMDb: 4.5

After witnessing the murder of an American diplomat, a beautiful gypsy woman, Katrina, becomes the assassins next target Harry Noble, senior security officer, wants to personally conduct the investigation and is devastated to le

The Chaos Factor (2000)

IMDb: 4.6

An American army intelligence officer discovers corruption and murder by American soldiers in Vietnam

Leio (2022)

IMDb: 4.3

An adventure comedy that follows a once famous singer who returns to his hometown and takes part in a water field drilling contest, hoping to win a large cash prize But what they do not realise is that a mysterious beast lurks un

The Lady Hermit (1971)

IMDb: 7.3

Martial arts star Cheng Pei pei and versatile director Ho Meng hua were a great team, who elevated this tale of a virtuous swordswomans revenge on the Black Demon who injured her to one of the best of both their careers

Min Diao Ju Yi Wen Lu (2020)



Lees Detective Agency (2022)


A mysterious man by the name of Lee dwells with Aak, Hung, and Waai Fu in the dark alleyways of Lungmen City Styling themselves as Lees Detective Agency, they strove to run errands, investigate mysteries, and mediate disputes fo

Independence Daysaster (2013)

IMDb: 3.4

When Earth is attacked by a hostile alien force, a small town firefighter and a rogue SETI scientist team up to activate the only technology capable of defeating the invaders

Diabolik Ginko allattacco (2022)

IMDb: 6.0

Follows Diabolik and his accomplice Eva Kant in a new adventure against a more combative Inspector Ginko than ever

The Flying Dagger (1969)

IMDb: 6.2

A wandering swordsman protects a family from the wrath of a clan chief

Hot Snake (1976)

IMDb: 6.3

A sadistic and ruthless outlaw has been terrorizing the town of Hot Snake A bounty hunter named Emiliano is hired by the local sheriff to hunt down the outlaw after he murders a woman and steals money belonging to the Army Warne

The Wraith Within (2023)

IMDb: 2.9

When a group of friends head out of town for a weekend getaway, a dangerous secret emerges that may kill them all

Lets Get Skase (2001)

IMDb: 4.9

Christopher Skase He ruled Australia and stole a fortune, fleeing to the coast of Spain No one could touch him No one could stop him Until Peter Dellasandro and a small force of men swore theyd bring him down

For Heavens Sake (1926)

IMDb: 7.5

An irresponsible young millionaire changes his tune when he falls for the daughter of a downtown minister

Quid Games (2023)

IMDb: 2.4

Seven college students are forced to compete in childrens games for survival With their futures unclear, the secrets of their pasts are revealed

War Raiders (2018)

IMDb: 2.9

Eastern Europe, 1944 The Allies successfully bomb a dam in France, wiping out a German installation, concealing secret codes valuable for Allied decoding A rogue band of soldiers is sent to retrieve the codes from a hidden vault

The Immortal Wars (2018)

IMDb: 3.6

The war between Deviants and Humans has just begun

Storage 24 (2012)

IMDb: 4.5

In London, a military plane crashes leaving its highly classified contents strewn across the city Completely unaware that the city is in lockdown, a group of people become trapped inside a storage facility with a highly unwelcome gu

Cigarette Soup (2015)

IMDb: 5.2

Afghanistan 2006 A young aspiring journalist gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is embedded with a small band of American soldiers

Attack of the Killer Donuts (2016)

IMDb: 3.8

A chemical accident turns ordinary donuts into bloodthirsty killers

Cockneys vs Zombies (2012)

IMDb: 5.9

A gang of bank robbers fight their way out of a zombie infested London

Dai jui bou (2012)

IMDb: 6.5

An old but serious miscarriage of justice clouds a current police investigation looking into the death of a mutilated corpse

The Bad Batch (2016)

IMDb: 5.3

In a desert dystopia, a young woman is kidnapped by cannibals

Fast Money (1996)

IMDb: 5.6

When a car thief cant resist stealing one more car, she finds herself in possession of 2 7 million mob money, and the mobs counterfeit printing plates The mobsters and corrupt cops dont take kindly for this, and the chase soon b

Mother India (1957)

IMDb: 8.0

In this melodrama, a poverty stricken woman raises her sons through many trials and tribulations But no matter the struggles, always sticks to her own moral code

Digimon Adventure tri: Reunion (2015)

IMDb: 7.5

After years of inactivity, the DigiDestined regroup with their Digimon to save their world, but have the years changed their characters too much

Blue World Order (2015)

IMDb: 4.9

The film is set in a post apocalyptic world in which civilisation has crumbled A massive electromagnetic pulse has killed all children on the planet with the exception of Molly Billie Rutherford, the daughter of Jake Slater Jake

Capital Punishment (2014)

IMDb: 6.1

A man takes over a TV station and holds a number of hostages as a political platform to awaken humanity, instead of money

Atone (2018)

IMDb: 3.1

Former special ops soldier, Laura Bishop, shows up for work at the largest church in America and is forced to take down a team of hijackers when she learns her daughter is trapped inside

Dead Genesis (2010)

IMDb: 3.5

Seven months have passed since the dead took over Many cities and states have been abandoned and left to die Several self sufficient hunting groups have been established to take on the threat in a war aptly referred to as the War

Germ (2013)

IMDb: 3.7

The militarys attempt to shoot down an orbiting satellite unleashes a space borne epidemic on a remote, small town

Full English Breakfast (2014)

IMDb: 2.6

Through flashbacks, Full English Breakfast follows the violent career of Dave Bishop Dave Courtney a small time London villain who kills his way to the top of Britains drugs empire Now happily retired on the Kent coast Dave bec

Cyborg Assassin: Legend of the Space Nin

IMDb: 4.3

A cybernetic ninja must protect a feudal society of spaceship dwellers from a sadistic demon lord

Bad Black (2016)

IMDb: 7.5

A mild mannered doctor is trained in the art of ass kicking commando vengeance by a no nonsense ghetto kid named Wesley Snipes

Cop Craft (2019 )

IMDb: 6.8

15 years ago, an unknown hyperspace gate opened over the Pacific Beyond this gate lies Reto Semaani, a strange alternate world where fairies and demons live

Six Hot Chicks in a Warehouse (2017)

IMDb: 3.9

A body conscious photographer, Adrian, concocts a scenario in which he attempts to project his insecurities onto those who mock him Hired by Adrian, his professed muse Mira and five other girls begin to question who is using who whe

Kill Chain (2019)

IMDb: 5.0

Three strangers lives are inevitably entangled in a conflict none of them are prepared for