COMEDY Movies and Tvshows - Page 612

Lost Holiday (2019)

IMDb: 4.5

A New York social worker finds herself embroiled in the kidnapping of a Washington DC socialite

Manana es hoy (2022)

IMDb: 5.4

A family is on holiday in 1991 when their teenage daughter decides to elope with her boyfriend Their parents travel forward in time to 2022 and see how much Spain has changed in three decades

Que Pena Tu Vida (2010)

IMDb: 5.6

Javier wants to forget his ex But its impossible when shes always online Getting drunk and partying its the only solution Or not

Eric Andre Legalize Everything (2020)

IMDb: 6.2

Eric Andre takes the stage in New Orleans and tackles flawed fast food icons, the wonders of autofill and the bizarre choice for the Cops theme song

The Green Oak Guardian (2023)

IMDb: 4.3

Movie star Grayson Kane is about to bring the hottest new comic book superhero to the big screen, but first, he must get the creators approval and she is no pushover

For Heavens Sake (1926)

IMDb: 7.5

An irresponsible young millionaire changes his tune when he falls for the daughter of a downtown minister

Gods Petting You (2022)

IMDb: 6.3

A dark, twisted comedy set in the Brighton underworld Charlie, a down on his luck heroin addict, falls in love with a struggling sex addict Together they hatch a hair brained scheme to steal money from a criminally inclined porn

Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)

IMDb: 6.1

A nightclubs coatroom attendant whos in love with the clubs singer accidentally sips a drugged drink that makes him dream hes French King Louis XV, courting the infamous Madame Du Barry

Christmas in Rockwell (2022)


When a big town star goes home to her small town to celebrate Christmas, confusion and romance lead the holiday festivities

Hubcap (2021)

IMDb: 4.7

In a conservative mountain town, Rainy Lawson, Georgias first female sheriff, investigates a supernatural killer rumored to be a hubcap, while juggling romantic prospects, her traumatic past, and a cunning foe who stirs racial te

Funeralii fericite (2013)

IMDb: 7.1

Three heavy boozers a Romanian Horatiu Malaele, a Russian Igor Caras Romanov and a Bulgarian Mihai Gruia Sandu are tripling away their happiness, into vodka, at The Happy Immigrant, a joint kept by a Turk The fauna

Just About Famous (2015)

IMDb: 6.0

When fans cannot get close to the real thing, these professionals step in to fill the void As the old adage goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery From a celebrity impersonator convention to their lives across the coun

Neal Brennan: 3 Mics (2017)

IMDb: 7.9

Neal Brennan is taking multitasking to a whole new level in this stand up special, which features the comedian switching between three different microphones symbolizing three different styles of comedy

Please Give (2010)

IMDb: 6.6

In New York City, a husband and wife butt heads with the granddaughters of the elderly woman who lives in the apartment the couple owns

Do You Like My Basement (2012)

IMDb: 3.4

Do You Like My Basement tracks how one mans creative frustration bore a need to make the perfect horror film Stanley Farmer was rejected universally by the film world His frustration provoked a darker side and soon cunning, guile

Mother India (1957)

IMDb: 8.0

In this melodrama, a poverty stricken woman raises her sons through many trials and tribulations But no matter the struggles, always sticks to her own moral code

How to Be Happy (2013)

IMDb: 6.1

Following a bad breakup, relationship councilor Cormac Kavanagh starts sleeping with his clients in a misguided attempt to reignite their passions

The Drummond Will (2010)

IMDb: 5.9

Estranged brothers Marcus and Danny find themselves on a surprisingly dangerous quest to unravel the mystery surrounding their fathers very unlikely wealth

The Cocoanuts (1929)

IMDb: 7.0

During the Florida land boom, The Marx Brothers run a hotel, auction off some land, thwart a jewel robbery, and generally act like themselves

Woman of the Year (1942)

IMDb: 7.2

Rival reporters Sam and Tess fall in love and get married, only to find their relationship strained when Sam comes to resent Tess hectic lifestyle

Burn Your Maps (2016)

IMDb: 6.7

A family in emotional turmoil is taken by surprise in this quirky adventure where an eccentric 8 year old American boy, Wes, has an existential epiphany He believes that he is in fact a Mongolian goat herder

Don Peyote (2014)

IMDb: 3.6

DON PEYOTE tells the story Warren Allman, an unemployed stoner who finally finds a purpose in life after an unpleasant encounter with a homeless man preaching the end is near Fueled by vivid apocalyptic dreams, Warren becomes obsess

Bonejangles (2017)

IMDb: 4.0

While transporting the legendary serial killer Bonejangles to an asylum, a group of police officers break down in a town cursed with demonic zombies The only way they can survive the night and save the town is to release Bonejangles

Desk Set (1957)

IMDb: 7.3

Two extremely strong personalities clash over the computerization of a television networks research department

Please Subscribe (2012)

IMDb: 6.1

An examination of the YouTube video streaming website and profiles of notable content contributors to it

RiffTrax Live: Miami Connection (2015)

IMDb: 6.8

Mike, Kevin and Bill are back, live riffing the 1987 cult martial arts flick, Miami Connection

Manhandled (1924)

IMDb: 6.5

Gloria Swanson plays Tessie McGuire, a shopgirl who, when her boyfriend breaks their date one evening, goes to a party with a louche crowd of artists and hangers on She wows them with some zesty mimicry, and so gains an introduction

Chubbies (2014)

IMDb: 4.8

Its Halloween night at the Bowl o Rama where Samantha and her friends are having a party Everyones having a great time until the Chubbies arrive From the distant planet of Snerd,

Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale (2006)

IMDb: 7.9

In this brand new comedy performance, hes more hilarious than ever with his unique style of self deprecating observations and catty audience commentary

Crackpot (1957)

IMDb: 7.7

A Good Samaritan helps a newlywed couple with a flat tire But when the groom accidentally dirties the mans suit, the stranger reveals himself to be a dangerous crackpot

Double Harness (1933)

IMDb: 6.8

A woman tricks a playboy into marrying her and then tries to make him legitimately fall in love with her

Pink Angels (1972)

IMDb: 4.8

Plenty of heads turn when a group of transvestite bikers wheel their way to Los Angeles

Roland Rebers Cabaret of Death (2019)

IMDb: 3.4

What is life Is it the yearning of a lover, the fear of growing old, the rebellious struggle for a dignified death or the hunt for the most clicks Is it maybe just a show

Hearts of the West (1975)

IMDb: 6.5

During the 1930s, Lewis Tate aspires to be the next great American Western writer When he travels to California, hes recruited by Bert Kessler, a Hollywood unit manager, to star in a series of low rent Westerns

Dulce Familia (2019)

IMDb: 4.3

A successful pastry chef gets engaged to be married This moment should be the happiest moment of her life, instead, her commitment unleashes in her and her family a series of funny situations that have to do with the social pressure

Blume in Love (1973)

IMDb: 6.3

Lawyer Stephen Blume, specialized in divorces, lives a paradoxical situation when, having his own marriage break up, is still in love with his ex wife