MYSTERY Movies and Tvshows - Page 5

Natalie (2010)

IMDb: 4.6

People who have build a wall around themselves A sculptor Jun hyeok, an art critic Min woo, and a modern dance student Mi ran A mystery melodrama about the love and secrets of the three people

Old (2021)

IMDb: 5.9

A vacationing family discovers that the secluded beach where theyre relaxing for a few hours is somehow causing them to age rapidly, reducing their entire lives into a single day

Psych (2006 - 2014) - Full Show

IMDb: 8.3

A novice sleuth is hired by the Police after he cons them into thinking he has psychic powers which help solve crimes With the assistance of his reluctant best friend, the duo take on a series of complicated cases

Charmed (2018 )

IMDb: 4.6

Follows the lives of three sisters who, after the tragic death of their mother, discover they are powerful witches

The Little Things (2021)

IMDb: 6.3

Kern County Deputy Sheriff Joe Deacon is sent to Los Angeles for what should have been a quick evidence gathering assignment Instead, he becomes embroiled in the search for a serial killer who is terrorizing the city

The Hateful Eight (2015)

IMDb: 7.8

In the dead of a Wyoming winter, a bounty hunter and his prisoner find shelter in a cabin currently inhabited by a collection of nefarious characters

American Gods (TV Series 2017)

IMDb: 7.7

A recently released ex convict named Shadow meets a mysterious man who calls himself Wednesday and who knows more than he first seems to about Shadows life and past

The Bourne Supremacy (2004)

IMDb: 7.7

When Jason Bourne is framed for a CIA operation gone awry, he is forced to resume his former life as a trained assassin to survive

Lies We Tell (2023)


An orphaned heiress is forced to embrace her familys dark legacy

Donnie Darko (2001)

IMDb: 8.0

After narrowly escaping a bizarre accident, a troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a man in a large rabbit suit who manipulates him to commit a series of crimes

The Animal Kingdom (2023)

IMDb: 7.1

An adventure between a father and his son, in a world where some humans have started mutating into other animal species

Se7en (1995) Seven

IMDb: 8.6

Two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motives

Erotic Boundaries (1997)

IMDb: 4.6

A married woman is pushed to her boundaries about her desires, but she is just an unwitting pawn in an elaborate conspiracy

Scream (2022)


Twenty five years after the original series of murders in Woodsboro, a new killer emerges, and Sidney Prescott must return to uncover the truth

Telephone World (2013)

IMDb: 5.0

Telephone World tells the story of Rachel Plasky Elissa Dowling, who finds out she got the lead part in a new TV show in one continuous 80 minute shot

Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas

IMDb: 7.5

When the beloved quartet of postal detectives discover an urgent letter written to God on Christmas Eve, they delay their own plans to help a little girl whose mothers life hangs in the balance

Annabelle (2014)

IMDb: 5.4

A couple begins to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists

Insidious (2010)

IMDb: 6.8

A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further

Taboo (TV Series 2017)

IMDb: 8.4

Adventurer James Keziah Delaney returns to London during the War of 1812 to rebuild his late fathers shipping empire However, both the government and his biggest competitor want his inheritance at any cost even murder

Insidious The Red Door (2023)


The Lamberts 10 years after the last installment, as Dalton begins college

Memento (2000)

IMDb: 8.4

A man with short term memory loss attempts to track down his wifes murderer

Warehouse 13 (20092014)

IMDb: 7.6

Pete and Myka, U S Secret Service agents, are deployed in South Dakotas Warehouse 13 with a new assignment from an authority above and outside the government

Woman of Desire (1994)

IMDb: 4.0

A lawyer defends a yacht captain accused of killing his boss and raping his mistress

The Escort III (1999)

IMDb: 5.8

Disillusioned elderly hardboiled cop investigates the murder of a business woman with connections to a firm that serves as a front for an escort service When the main suspect is also killed, a blackmail conspiracy emerges

Population: 11 (2024)


When a man goes missing from a tiny outback town, his estranged son is forced to navigate its motley crew of residents to find him.

The Hunger Games Catching Fire 2013

IMDb: 7.5

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark become targets of the Capitol after their victory in the 74th Hunger Games sparks a rebellion in the Districts of Panem

Birth (2004)

IMDb: 6.1

A young boy attempts to convince a woman that he is her dead husband reborn

Dont Look Now (1973)

IMDb: 7.2

A married couple grieving the recent death of their young daughter are in Venice when they encounter two elderly sisters, one of whom is psychic and brings a warning from beyond

Annabelle: Creation (2017)

IMDb: 6.5

Twelve years after the tragic death of their little girl, a doll maker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, where they become the target of the doll makers possessed creation, Anna

Kyle XY (TV Series 2006 2009)

IMDb: 7.4

CT 2, Post

Delirium (1987)

IMDb: 5.7

A former hooker runs a successful mens magazine An obsessed admirer systematically slaughters her models occasionally increasing the magazines output and supplies the mistress with pictures of their disfigured corpses taken in f

Taboo (2002)

IMDb: 3.6

While staying at a secluded mansion, six young adults reveal their personal demons during an innocent game called Taboo They reunite a year later, only to realize that one of them wants them dead for their moral transgressions

The First 48 (2004 )

IMDb: 8.2

The series follows detectives during the hours immediately following a homicide

Zodiac 2007

IMDb: 7.7

In the late 1960searly 1970s, a San Francisco cartoonist becomes an amateur detective obsessed with tracking down the Zodiac Killer, an unidentified individual who terrorizes Northern California with a killing spree

Snapdragon (1993)

IMDb: 3.8

Two men have already been killed during intercourse by a prostitute The young Sergeant Peckham is transferred from vice to homicide squad for the investigation

Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City (2


Set in 1998, this origin story explores the secrets of the mysterious Spencer Mansion and the ill fated Raccoon City