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The Godfather: Part III (1990)

IMDb: 7.6

Book Club The Next Chapter (2023)


Follows the new journey of four best friends as they take their book club to Italy for the fun girls trip they never had

The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michae

IMDb: 7.6

Follows Michael Corleone, now in his 60s, as he seeks to free his family from crime and find a suitable successor to his empire

Father of the Bride (1991)

IMDb: 6.5

With his oldest daughters wedding approaching, a father finds himself reluctant to let go

The Big Wedding (2013)

IMDb: 5.6

A long divorced couple fakes being married as their family unites for a wedding

The Other Sister (1999)

IMDb: 6.4

A mentally challenged young woman seeks independence by obtaining her own apartment and attending college while her family plans her sisters wedding

Annie Hall 1977

IMDb: 8.0

Alvy Singer, a divorced Jewish comedian, reflects on his relationship with ex lover Annie Hall, an aspiring nightclub singer, which ended abruptly just like his previous marriages

The First Wives Club (1996)

IMDb: 6.4

Reunited by the death of a college friend, three divorced women seek revenge on the husbands who left them for younger women

Hanging Up (2000)

IMDb: 4.9

A trio of sisters bond over their ambivalence toward the approaching death of their curmudgeonly father, to whom none of them was particularly close

Father of the Bride Part II (1995)

IMDb: 6.1

George Banks must deal not only with the pregnancy of his daughter, but also with the unexpected pregnancy of his wife

Marvins Room (1996)

IMDb: 6.7

After seventeen years, a fiercely independent woman and her rebellious son return home and together they turn the family she left behind upside down

Running Mates (1992)

IMDb: 5.6

In this political satire, a Senator running for President is involved in some controversies when his political enemies expose some hidden secrets about his new wife, a successful author of childrens books

And So It Goes (2014)

IMDb: 5.8

A self absorbed realtor enlists the help of his neighbor when hes suddenly left in charge of the granddaughter he never knew existed until his estranged son drops her off at his home

Manhattan (1979)

IMDb: 7.9

The life of a divorced television writer dating a teenage girl is further complicated when he falls in love with his best friends mistress

Sleeper (1973)

IMDb: 7.2

A nerdish store owner is revived out of cryostasis into a future world to fight an oppressive government

Reds (1981)

IMDb: 7.3

A radical American journalist becomes involved with the Communist revolution in Russia, and hopes to bring its spirit and idealism to the United States

5 Flights Up (2014)

IMDb: 6.2

A long time married couple whove spent their lives together in the same New York apartment become overwhelmed by personal and real estate related issues when they plan to move away

Mad Money (2008)

IMDb: 5.8

Three female employees of the Federal Reserve plot to steal money that is about to be destroyed

Love the Coopers (2015)

IMDb: 5.8

The intertwined stories of four generations of Coopers unfold right before the annual family reunion on Christmas Eve Can they survive the most beautiful time of the year

On Thin Ice (2003)

IMDb: 6.0

Based on a true story Patsy McCartle is a widow with two sons trying to gather all the money she has to pay for her car, bills, and her sons medication, all of which she can barely afford

Somethings Gotta Give (2003)

IMDb: 6.7

A swinger on the cusp of being a senior citizen with a taste for young women falls in love with an accomplished woman closer to his age

Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)

IMDb: 7.3

A middle aged couple suspects foul play when their neighbors wife suddenly drops dead

Town & Country (2001)

IMDb: 4.5

Porter Stoddard is a well known New York architect who is at a crossroads a nexus where twists and turns lead to myriad missteps, some with his wife Ellie, others with longtime friends Mona and her husband Griffin Deciding which

Mack Rita (2022)


A 30 year old writer Elizabeth Lail spends a wild weekend in Palm Springs and wakes up to find she has magically transformed into her 70 year old self Diane Keaton

Hampstead (2017)

IMDb: 6.1

An American widow finds unexpected love with a man living wild on Hampstead Heath when they take on the developers who want to destroy his home

Play It Again, Sam (1972)

IMDb: 7.6

A neurotic film critic obsessed with the movie Casablanca 1942 attempts to get over his wife leaving him by dating again with the help of a married couple and his illusory idol, Humphrey Bogart

Morning Glory (2010)

IMDb: 6.5

An upstart television producer accepts the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show program with warring co hosts

Surrender, Dorothy (2006)

IMDb: 5.5

When her daughter Sara Davalos unexpectedly passes away, Natalie Keaton retreats to the summer home where she and Sara used to visit Time with her best friends and some of Saras friends help her deal with her loss

The Only Thrill (1997)

IMDb: 6.1

Reece McHenry is a used clothing store owner and Carol Fitzsimmons is a seamstress working in that store The film follows the story of their relationships from 1960s till present time as well as the story of relationships between R

Wildflower (1991)

IMDb: 7.0

An abused and partially deaf girl is helped back into society by two resourceful children

Because I Said So (2007)

IMDb: 5.7

A meddling mother tries to set her daughter up with the right man so her kid wont follow in her footsteps

Baby Boom (1987)

IMDb: 6.3

Interiors (1978)

IMDb: 7.4

Three sisters find their lives spinning out of control in the wake of their parents sudden, unexpected divorce

The Lemon Sisters (1989)

IMDb: 5.0

Three life long friends work the bars in 1980s Atlantic City performing the songs of the 60s girl groups in this self indulgent comedy

Darling Companion (2012)

IMDb: 5.1

The story of a woman who loves her dog more than her husband And then her husband loses the dog

Unstrung Heroes (1995)

IMDb: 6.7

When a youngster needs a break from the pressures of his parents household, he moves in with his offbeat uncles and learns some invaluable life lessons