CRIME Movies and Tvshows

In the Land of Saints and Sinners (2023)

IMDb: 6.7

In a remote Irish village, a damaged Finbar is forced to fight for redemption after a lifetime of sins, but what price is he willing to pay In the land of saints and sinners, some sins cant be buried

Due Justice (2023)


An attorney with a military past hunts down the gang who killed his wife and brother and took his daughter

Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021 )

IMDb: 7.0

Power Book III Raising Kanan is a prequel set in the 1990s that will chronicle the early years of Kanan Stark, the character first played by executive producer Curtis 50 Cent Jackson

What the Peeper Saw (1972)

IMDb: 5.9

A wealthy authors second wife begins to suspect that her 12 year old stepson may have murdered his mother, who mysteriously died in a bathtub accident

The Boys (2019 )

IMDb: 8.7

A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers

The Equalizer 3 (2023)


Robert McCall finds himself at home in Southern Italy but he discovers his friends are under the control of local crime bosses As events turn deadly, McCall knows what he has to do become his friends protector by taking on the

Going Places (1974)

IMDb: 7.3

Female Leopard (1985)

IMDb: 6.2

Beautiful Yuko arrives home from the US to stay with her brother, Takuya at his posh mansion in the countryside Soon Yuko witnesses many strange and perverse events in the house

The Artful Dodger (2023-)


Set in 1850s Australia the series follows adult double life of Charles Dickens famous prince of thieves Dodger now a surgeon, but who cant shake his predilection for crime

Killers of the Flower Moon (2023)


Members of the Osage tribe in the United States are murdered under mysterious circumstances in the 1920s, sparking a major F B I investigation involving J Edgar Hoover

The Rookie (2018 )

IMDb: 8.0

Starting over isnt easy, especially for John Nolan who, after a life altering incident, is pursuing his dream of joining the LAPD As their oldest rookie, hes met with skepticism from those who see him as just a walking midlife cri

Power Book IV Force (2022-)


Follows Tommy Egan after he cuts ties and puts New York in his rear view mirror for good

Fargo (TV Series 2014 )

IMDb: 8.9

Various chronicles of deception, intrigue and murder in and around frozen Minnesota Yet all of these tales mysteriously lead back one way or another to Fargo, North Dakota

Irreversible (2002)

IMDb: 7.4

Events over the course of one traumatic night in Paris unfold in reverse chronological order as the beautiful Alex is brutally raped and beaten by a stranger in the underpass

Sexy Sisters (1977)

IMDb: 4.5

Countess Edna Luise Von Stein keeps her disturbed sister Milly prisoner Confined to her bed, Milly suffers from a deep sexual trauma resulting from being raped as a child by a muscular gigolo after she had surprised him and her sist

Overhaul (2023)

IMDb: 4.9

When truck racer Roger loses everything, he receives a tempting but dangerous offer to work as the getaway driver for a gang of thieves

Plemya (2014)

IMDb: 7.0

A deaf boy joins a boarding school for similar children Confronted by the violent and criminal antics of some of the other boys and girls, he struggles to conform and join the tribe

John Wick Chapter 4 (2023)


John Wick uncovers a path to defeating The High Table But before he can earn his freedom, Wick must face off against a new enemy with powerful alliances across the globe and forces that turn old friends into foes

The Naughty Nine (2023)


When Andy finds out hes on Santas naughty list, he pulls together a group of naughty list kids to get the presents they think they deserve

Oedipus orca (1977)

IMDb: 5.3

After her harrowing kidnap ordeal in La orca 1976, Alice tries to return to her normal life, but her memories still haunt her twisting her psyche even further as no one realizes that shes in need of some serious help

Seduction (1973)

IMDb: 6.1

Giuseppe commits to love a woman he hasnt seen in 15 years, amid dangers of seduction from her daughter

Snowfall (2017)

IMDb: 8.2

A look at the early days of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles during the beginning of the 1980s

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

IMDb: 8.4

Comedy series following the exploits of Det Jake Peralta and his diverse, lovable colleagues as they police the NYPDs 99th Precinct

Fast X (2023)

IMDb: 6.3

Dom Toretto and his family are targeted by the vengeful son of drug kingpin Hernan Reyes

The Sopranos

IMDb: 9.2

New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano deals with personal and professional issues in his home and business life that affect his mental state, leading him to seek professional psychiatric counseling

Lila Says (2004)

IMDb: 6.9

Two inner city teenagers engage in an obsessive, innocent flirtation fueled by Lilas sexually explicit overtures

Jailbait 2013

IMDb: 4.2

Anna Nix is sent to a juvenile prison for the murder of her abusive stepfather In the prison, she discovers relationships, drugs, complex mental illness, and her eventual search for redemption

Peaky Blinders (2013)

IMDb: 8.8

A gangster family epic set in 1900s England, centering on a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby

NCIS Sydney (2023-)


Explores local stories with Australian actors and producers

Money Heist (2017 )

IMDb: 8.3

An unusual group of robbers attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in Spanish history stealing 2 4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain

Crime Diaries The Celebrity Stylist (202



The Courier (2012)

IMDb: 4.5

A specialist carrier is hired to deliver a mysterious case to the underworlds most dangerous hitman

Prison Break

IMDb: 8.3

Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out, from the insid

Tulsa King (2022-)


Follows an Italian mobster faced with the startling task of reestablishing his Italian mafia family in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Breaking Bad

IMDb: 9.4

A high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his familys future

Home Alone 2 1992

IMDb: 6.8

One year after Kevin McCallister was left home alone and had to defeat a pair of bumbling burglars, he accidentally finds himself stranded in New York City and the same criminals are not far behind