ROMANCE Movies and Tvshows

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom (201

IMDb: 4.7

A divorced woman finds sexual liberation through online dating

Love (2015)

IMDb: 6.1

Murphy is an American living in Paris who enters a highly sexually and emotionally charged relationship with Electra Unaware of the effect it will have on their relationship, they invite their pretty neighbor into their bed

Lila Says (2004)

IMDb: 6.9

Two inner city teenagers engage in an obsessive, innocent flirtation fueled by Lilas sexually explicit overtures

Hotel Desire (2011)

IMDb: 5.7

A young single mother drops her son of at the bus stop to visit his dad in Paris After being late for work, she almost gets fired At the end of her duties she gets into a tricky situation which she handles, with the advice her coll

Wicked Minds (2003)

IMDb: 5.4

A young man returns home from college to find his father remarried, until the sudden murder of his father leaves everyone suspect

Lulu (2005)

IMDb: 4.5

Leon Mortier, a wealthy publisher, whilst driving through the forest one day, stops when he sees Lulu walking down the long narrow road She gets into the car Leon is amused and intrigued

YPF (2007)

IMDb: 6.2

On a Tuesday night, five couples have separate sexual adventures

Love Machine (2016)

IMDb: 4.1

Director Pavel Ruminov wanted to break up with his girlfriend But she had a different opinion on the matter and refused to leave the flat, insisting their story was not over yet

Drifters (2011)

IMDb: 5.6

In this taboo drama, Mete must fight against his inappropriate attraction to his 17 year old future step sister, who has just moved in to his flat in Rome Italian with English subtitles

Suburban Secrets (2004)

IMDb: 4.7

Laura, a famous nude model, returns to her small town home when she learns that her old boyfriend is having a relationship with her aunt

Russkaya Lolita (2007)

IMDb: 4.9

The events of the controversial novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov pick up in modern day Russia

Carnal Sins (2001)

IMDb: 4.8

A young woman tries to find where her real love lies, in her ex, Dylan or a photographer named Jacob

Secretary (2002)

IMDb: 7.0

A young woman, recently released from a mental hospital, gets a job as a secretary to a demanding lawyer, where their employer employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one

Sexual Chronicles of a French Family (20

IMDb: 5.3

Three generations of a French family open up about their sexual experiences and desires after young Romain is caught masturbating in his biology class

All Things Fair (1995)

IMDb: 6.9

Malmo, Sweden during the Second World War Stig is a 15 year old pupil on the verge of adulthood Viola is 37 years old and his teacher He is attracted by her beauty and maturity She is drawn to him by his youth and innocence At t

My Teachers Wife (1995)

IMDb: 5.5

A high school student has a romantic affair with his math tutor only to discover she is married to his math teacher

About Love (2017)

IMDb: 5.1

All happy families are happy alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way L N Tolstoy

The Second Wife (1998)

IMDb: 6.0

In the early 1960s, a Sicilian single mother marries an older, crass widowed truck driver When he is arrested trying to smuggle an antique, she ends up falling in love with her handsome stepson

The City of the Future (2016)

IMDb: 5.7

Milla, Gilmar and Igor will form an unconventional family at Serra do Ramalho, in the drylands of Bahia

Novo (2002)

IMDb: 5.6

Graham struggles to connect the pieces of his shattered short term memory Unable to recall the most basic facts of his life and his sexual past, he quickly falls prey to the erotic appetites of the women he encounters

El sexo de los ángeles (2012)

IMDb: 6.5

Struggling martial artist and dancer Bruno loves his girlfriend Carla, but when he meets fellow dancer Rai, serious sparks begin to fly, opening the couple up to new possibilities A new generation navigates sexual fluidity, torn affections, and open

The Big Bang Theory

IMDb: 8.1

A woman who moves into an apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory

Q (2011)

IMDb: 5.5

In a social context deteriorated by a countrywide economic crisis, the life of several people will be turned upside down after they meet Cecile, a character who symbolizes desire

Modern Family

IMDb: 8.4

Three different but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways

365 Days (2020)

IMDb: 3.2

Massimo is a member of the Sicilian Mafia family and Laura is a sales director She does not expect that on a trip to Sicily trying to save her relationship, Massimo will kidnap her and give her 365 days to fall in love with him

Innocence and Desire (1974)

IMDb: 5.3

A young man is temporarily home from a Seminary, but eventually falls in love with his fathers young new wife

La minorenne (1974)

IMDb: 5.2

Everyone want to be with a young cute girl, but she must find a real man for herself

Close My Eyes (1991)

IMDb: 6.3

An estranged brother and sister begin an intense sexual relationship, behind the curtain of their otherwise normal working class lives

42plus (2007)

IMDb: 5.5

Successful and attractive Christine is married to the equally profession oriented Georg They have a teenage child Sonja whom is beginning to break away from the parental nest Everything appears perfect on the area Nevertheless,

Fifty Shades of Grey: A XXX Adaptation (

IMDb: 5.4

A Fifty Shades of Grey XXX parody

Love & Savagery (2009)

IMDb: 6.5

In 1969, a visiting geologist from Newfoundland arouses scandal in a small Irish village when he romances a local girl whos destined for the convent

Losing Control (1998)

IMDb: 4.4

Kim is suffering from writers block A chance encounter with a handsome stranger opens her to a world of risky sexual experimentation However, she becomes worried when he refuses to say anything about himself

Royalteen (2022)


Follows prince Karl Johan and newcomer Lena, who have feelings for each other but are aware that their relationship might put them in an impossible situation, while he has to carry a nation on his shoulders, she carries lies on hers

Tuesday, After Christmas (2010)

IMDb: 6.9

Paul Hanganu loves two women Adriana his wife and the mother of their daughter, the woman with whom hes shared the thrills of the past ten years, and Raluca the woman who has made him redefine himself He has to leave one of them b

Swung (2015)

IMDb: 4.6

When an encounter with the swinging scene has an unexpected impact on Davids impotence, Alice thinks she might have found the solution to all their problems, but the poly amorous world is a difficult place for a love story to flouri

Greys Anatomy

IMDb: 7.5

A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors