MYSTERY Movies and Tvshows

Snapdragon (1993)

IMDb: 3.8

Two men have already been killed during intercourse by a prostitute The young Sergeant Peckham is transferred from vice to homicide squad for the investigation

Satanico Pandemonium (1975)

IMDb: 6.2

A young nun is tempted by visions of forbidden sexual fantasies to cross over to Satan

Blow Job (1980)

IMDb: 5.3

Stefano Vicinelli and his girlfriend Diana fall two weeks behind on their hotel rent and face having their luggage and car impounded until they can pay the bill Conveniently for them, a distraught woman in the room right above their

Knock at the Cabin (2023)


While vacationing, a girl and her parents are taken hostage by armed strangers who demand that the family make a choice to avert the apocalypse

Poker Face (2023-)


Charlie has an extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying She hits the road with her Plymouth Barracuda and with every stop encounters a new cast of characters and strange crimes she cant help but solve

Losing Control (1998)

IMDb: 4.4

Kim is suffering from writers block A chance encounter with a handsome stranger opens her to a world of risky sexual experimentation However, she becomes worried when he refuses to say anything about himself

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (199

IMDb: 8.0

This series follows the Special Victims Unit, a specially trained squad of detectives in the N Y P D , who investigate sexually related crimes

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom (201

IMDb: 4.7

A divorced woman finds sexual liberation through online dating

National Treasure Edge of History (2022-

IMDb: 4.5

Jess Valenzuela, a 20 year old Dreamer, sets off on an exploration to discover the mystery of her family history, and, with the help of her friends, seeks to recover historical lost treasure

Hunters (2020 )

IMDb: 7.2

In 1977, in New York City, a troubled young Jewish man bent on revenge is taken in by a secret group of Nazi hunters fighting a clandestine war against the cabal of high ranking Nazi officials in hiding who work to create the Fourth

In the House (2012)

IMDb: 7.4

A high school French teacher is drawn into a precocious students increasingly transgressive story about his relationship with a friends family

Criminal Minds

IMDb: 8.0

The cases of the F B I Behavioral Analysis Unit B A U , an elite group of profilers who analyze the nations most dangerous serial killers and individual heinous crimes in an effort to anticipate their next moves before they strik

Money Heist (2017 )

IMDb: 8.3

An unusual group of robbers attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in Spanish history stealing 2 4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain

Jeepers Creepers Reborn (2022)


Forced to travel with her boyfriend, Laine, she begins to experience premonitions associated with the urban myth of The Creeper Laine believes that something supernatural has been summoned and that she is at the center of it all

Infinity Pool (2023)


James and Em Foster are enjoying an all inclusive beach vacation in the fictional island of La Tolqa, when a fatal accident exposes the resorts perverse subculture of hedonistic tourism, reckless violence and surreal horrors

Lady Voyeur (2023)

IMDb: 4.8

Follows Miranda, an uncontrollable voyeur and extremely skilled hacker One day, her fate changes when she meets the man of her dreams But, will he be what she expected

Original Sin (2001)

IMDb: 6.1

A woman, along with her lover, plans to con a rich man by marrying him, earning his trust, and then running away with all his money Everything goes as planned until she falls in love with him

Scream (2022)


Twenty five years after the original series of murders in Woodsboro, a new killer emerges, and Sidney Prescott must return to uncover the truth

Blue Bloods

IMDb: 7.6

Revolves around a family of New York cops

Manifest (2018)

IMDb: 7.1

A commercial airliner suddenly reappears after being missing for five years As those aboard reintegrate into society, they experience guiding voices and visions of events yet to occur, and soon a deeper mystery unfolds

Wicked Women (1978)

IMDb: 4.6

Margarita, the only witness of a brutal murder, has temporary amnesia due to shock Shes sent to a psychiatric clinic where a masked man rapes her and kills another woman She must piece her memory back together before he returns

Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021 )

IMDb: 7.6

Elliot Stabler returns to the NYPD to battle organized crime after a devastating personal loss

Servant (2019 )

IMDb: 7.5

A Philadelphia couple is in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home

Freeridge (2023–)


A group of friends may or may not have unleashed a deadly curse, starting a new adventure

Castle Freak (1995)

IMDb: 6.0

A man struggles to save his family from the strange and deadly occurrences in the castle theyve inherited

Fringe (20082013)

IMDb: 8.4

An F B I agent is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist and his son in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (20002015

IMDb: 7.6

Series following an elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts as they work their cases in Las Vegas

The Voyeurs (2021)


Pippa and Thomas move into their dream apartment, they notice that their windows look directly into the apartment opposite, this will set in motion a chain of events that will lead to disaster

Nope (2022)

IMDb: 7.0

The residents of a lonely gulch in inland California bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery

The Blacklist

IMDb: 8.0

A new FBI profiler, Elizabeth Keen, has her entire life uprooted when a mysterious criminal, Raymond Reddington, who has eluded capture for decades, turns himself in and insists on speaking only to her

Chucky (2021 )


After a vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos as a series of horrifying murders begin to expose the towns hypocrisies and secrets

Beyond the Neon (2022)

IMDb: 7.9

A dangerous social experiment performed by a reckless YouTuber and his film crew exposes human sex trafficking in Las Vegas

Female Teacher In Front of the Students

IMDb: 5.7

Reiko, a young and beautiful teacher, takes a teaching job at an old, run down high school The male students in her class are mesmerized by her beauty and become infatuated with her One night, after tennis practice, she goes to

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (

IMDb: 6.3

The Warrens investigate a murder that may be linked to a demonic possession

Basic Instinct 2 (2006)

IMDb: 4.4

Novelist Catherine Tramell is once again in trouble with the law, and Scotland Yard appoints psychiatrist Dr Michael Glass to evaluate her Though, like Detective Nick Curran before him, Glass is entranced by Tramell and lured into

Truth Be Told (2019 )

IMDb: 7.1

A true crime podcaster tries to solve the mystery surrounding a family patriarchs death